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A leading privately owned refinery that specializes in processing, manufacturing and blending petrochemicals

Refinex sources feedstock ranging from virgin base oils to waste oils and refines them to produce high quality burner fuels and solvents for customers throughout Southern Africa



Refinex has a number of plants that are able to purify and process a variety of hydrocarbon-based feed stocks. 

These plants include; a centrifuge plant, a short path distillation plant and two distillation units. 


In addition, Refinex forms part of the same group as SA Tank Terminals, a 13 million litre bulk liquid storage facility located in Alrode.


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Members of staff


Processing plants


Million litres of fuel storage


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Burner Fuels

We manufacture a range of burner fuels for various industries for use in boilers, kilns, incinerators and steam generation.

Our products range from our industry leading Powerburn burner fuels to Heavy Furnace Oil and Light Cycle Oil

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We produce a variety of Solvents cut to specific distillation points.


We retail and wholesale at market beating prices in 750ml, 5lt, 20lt and 210lt formats



Our plants are designed for the distillation and processing of a range of hydrocarbon products including waxes. 

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Rapid product development and decision making

Due to being privately owned, Refinex is able to execute rapid decision making and adapt to customer and market demands without the typical long development and decision making processes often associated with the fuel industry

We partner with customers to produce products for partners utilizing our R & D lab, petrochemical engineers and chemists.