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We specialise in the processing, manufacturing and blending of petrochemical products.

Refinex is a well-established and proudly South African company that manufactures, refines and blends premium products for the petrochemical industry.

With the inspiring 40-year commitment and vision of founder Theo Heerman, this company has evolved into becoming a significant SA supplier of petrochemicals.

Through investment in additional plants and facilities, together with improvements made to the various processing plants, we have been able to become more versatile in producing breakthrough products with different applications.

Our extensive portfolio includes re-processing, manufacturing and blending a variety of hydrocarbon feedstocks, ranging from virgin base oils to waste oils, in order to produce high-quality burner fuels, solvents and biofuels for customers throughout Southern Africa.

Distillation plants located at Wadeville have been custom-built for our customers’ specific product requirements.

Refinex is committed to providing an excellent and hassle-free customer experience at all times. Since service is so embedded within our culture, the company also has a fleet of vehicles dedicated to the products we sell, enabling more efficient and speedier deliveries of our products to our valued customers.

Refinex echoes the words of Steve Jobs: ”Great things in business are never done by one person; they are done by a team of people”.

Our three main multi-purpose
plants process various
product streams:


Refinex sources feedstock ranging from virgin base oils to waste oils.

We refine and process various products to produce high-quality burner fuels, solvents and biofuels for customers throughout Southern Africa.


Refinex has a number of plants that are able to purify and process a variety of hydrocarbon-based feedstocks.

These plants include a distillation column, a short path distillation plant and a flash separation plant. SA Tank Terminals, a 14-million-litre bulk liquid storage facility, forms part of the Refinex group. The combined process and storage facilities enable the group to be highly versatile and to ensure that downtime is limited.

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