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Burner Fuels

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Powerburn A

Powerburn A is a speciality blend produced by Refinex, and is a cost-effective diesel or paraffin replacement. This is a clean burning fuel and ideal for use in burners, steam or heat generation in chemical, agricultural or food processing and manufacturing industries.

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Light Cycle Oil

A standard fuel used in a variety of heating applications, with similar properties to diesel and is more user friendly than heavy furnace oil yet more economical than Powerburn. 

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HFO 150

The primary fuel for large boilers and pre-heating coal fired electricity gernerators. 


Refinex is a primary manufacturer of solvents which are produced at our Germiston plant.

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RX 1520

Refinex Solvent (RX) 1520 is a narrow cut hydrocarbon based product which is extracted in our distillation column, and is used in the production of paint, polymers and resins. As a distilled product, we are able to ensure that the purity and fraction always remains consistent to ensure the highest quality to our customers. 

Mining solvent Pic.jpg

Mining Solvent

Refinex Mining Solvent is produced at our plant in Wadeville and has a distillation range of 190 to 260 deg C, with a flash point above 80 deg C, making it ideal for use in mining applications and in the copper extraction process. 

Explosives Solvent Pic.jpg

RX 2328

RX 2328 is a solvent with a flash point of 99 deg C, making it ideal for use in places where it is required to have safety in addition to a high calorific value, such as blending with explosives and in underground mining applications. 


White Spirits

Refinex produces White Spirits, a product extensively used a cut-back agent, and a range or applications including paint thinning, cleaning, de-greasing and as a firelighter. 


Our White Spirits can be purchased in bulk, 210lt drums and 750ml containers.