SA Tank Terminals

Fully equipped laboratories

Trained personnel ensure our stringent quality control standards are maintained at all times.

Bulk Storage Area

The terminal provides storage for a total of 14 million litres of a range of liquids in tanks of various capacities, ranging from 23 000 to 1 200 000 litres.

Fleet of vehicles

Our fleet is maintained by our in-house workshop located at SA Tank Terminals. Together with our washbay facilities at this terminal, we are able to ensure that our fleet is always on the road and available to deliver and collect products when required.

Wash bay and mechanical services

In-house workshops and a wash-bay ensures that downtime is kept to a minimum for our valued customers.


SA Tank Terminals offers bespoke tank storage solutions to a diverse range of clients

This eliminates the need for them to shoulder the burden of setting up their own facilities and navigating complex regulatory processes. Our services make local operations not just possible but efficient and cost-effective too. The services at our terminal extend beyond mere storage; we also offer access to a weighbridge to accurately determine the weight of your goods. Additionally, we house a state-of-the-art laboratory for comprehensive product testing. This trio of services – efficient tank storage, precise weighbridge usage, and rigorous product testing – ensures your operations are as seamless and productive as possible.


Located in Roodekop, Germiston, the terminal is conveniently located 3.6 kilometres from the N3 and 15 kilometres from the N17, thereby providing easy access to major industries.

Product is moved by road into and out of the terminal via calibrated weighbridges located at two entrances. A rail siding feeds into the site and this could accommodate the future distribution of product by rail.

SA Tank Terminals has the necessary regulatory and environmental permits required for the operation of a terminal of this nature. These are essential for our commercial viability and long-term environmental sustainability.

The site is authorised for a significant expansion to the facilities at Roodekop, in addition to an authorisation to process various waste streams by way of a waste management license which will be executed in conjunction with the Refinex business.

The following licences and permits ensure that SA Tank Terminals can operate in our specific business environment.

NERSA LicenceAir Emission LicenceMajor Hazard Installation (MHI)



Nersa Licence

Nersa Allocation Mechanism

SATT Uncommitted Capacity


SA Tank Terminals

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